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    Posted on April 23rd 2014, 04:30 PM


    I'm definitely among those who have been waiting for Minority Report-like gesturing to become a reality. While light beams on desks and walls seems close, it's not our hands manipulating objects in thin air. But now researchers at the University of Bristol have developed the starting point, called MisTable. And they're doing it with mist.

    Words will only fail to properly describe the look of this thing, but a tabletop computer system projects images onto a thick blanket of fog. They appear as ghostly apparitions, much like R2D2's projected Princess Leia.

    We can interact with the 3D images by sticking our hands into the 'objects' and moving them—maybe to the person sitting next to us. At this time it's simple stuff, but still it means moving something as if it were actually something tangible. Check out the video:

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    Posted on April 23rd 2014, 04:23 PM


    Le cabinet Éric Pelletier architectes de Québec se joint à Lemay, l’une des plus importantes firmes de services de conception, de design et d’architecture au Canada.

    Montréal, le 23 avril 2014Lemay, chef de file de l’architecture et du design canadiens, vient de négocier un autre virage vers la croissance en intégrant dans ses rangs le célèbre cabinet d’Éric Pelletier (eparchitectes) de Québec qui voit ainsi, avec cette fusion, l’occasion de pousser encore plus loin son champ de pratique, mais surtout de relever de nouveaux défis, à l’international notamment, tout en s’ouvrant à la multidisciplinarité en s’associant à la prestigieuse firme de services intégrés Lemay qui est présente non seulement au Québec et à Toronto, mais aussi, en Algérie et au Costa Rica.
    Eric Pelletier Architects of Quebec City joins Lemay, one of Canada’s most important design and architecture firms.

    Montreal, April 23, 2014Lemay, a leading Canadian architecture and design firm, has negotiated another important step in its growth strategy by integrating into its ranks the renowned firm Eric Pelletier Architects (eparchitects). For the Quebec City company, this merger is an opportunity to expand its activities, especially internationally, and to adopt a more multidisciplinary approach by joining with a prestigious firm that offers integrated services not only in Quebec and Toronto, but also in Algeria and Costa Rica.
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    before and after: cafe musashi in Ginza

    The back streets of Ginza are an urban planner’s nightmare come to life. Streets lead to dead ends and there are no patterns or, for that matter, any coherent design at all. But there is charm to be found, especially behind the Kabuki Theater where hardly-beaten paths are dotted with small cafes, galleries and lunch spots. Along one of these streets in Higashi-Ginza was Café Stand Musashi, a long-standing coffee and lunch spot frequented by office workers nearby.

    But it’s building, which once was a printing company, was wearing down and drastically needed a facelift. So in late 2012 the café closed up and their building was torn down. It’s now been replaced and the café has reopened as Cafe634 (which still is pronounced as Café Musashi thanks to Japanese mnemonic wordplay known as goroawase).

    cafe6348-maemi (9)

    Photos by Takahiko Fuse

    Their name isn’t the only thing that’s snazzier. Thanks to architect Fuminori Maemi, the new space, with its greyscale look, is both modern and inviting. Inside, the sleek, minimal interior extends deep into the space where the counter lures in visitors. But it’s not until you climb the stairs that the real gem presents itself – sprawling 18ft ceilings that offer a rare sense of openness within the cellular structure of Tokyo.

    cafe6348-maemi (8)

    cafe6348-maemi (1)

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    Este año Kalpakian ha querido invitar a nuestros lectores a ser parte del diseño de ambientes de punta, para lo cual hemos organizado el concurso “Diseña tu propio espacio ideal, Inspírate con Kalpakian”, que definirá a un ganador que podrá viajar hasta Buenos Aires para experimentar diversos aspectos de la cultura argentina.

    Premiaremos el proyecto de interior más creativo e innovador, cuya identidad esté potenciada por el uso de alfombras. La propuesta deberá ser representada a...

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    the residence utilizes an operable louver structure to serve as an environmental control device

    The post e|348 arquitectura screens house in miramar with operable facade appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

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    Boutique CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL : la créativité montréalaise à son meilleur!
    The CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL pop-up store:
    Showcasing Montréal creativity at its best!

    Du 27 au 29 mai, le Bureau du design de la Ville de Montréal sera à nouveau présent à l’événement C2MTL avec sa boutique CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL.

    Montréal, le 23 avril 2014Cette boutique, dont le but est de promouvoir la créativité montréalaise, réunira 41 designers présents sur place, dont une vingtaine de nouveaux venus, qui présenteront plus de 150 produits. Plus allumée et inspirante que jamais, la boutique CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL se veut une vitrine dynamique qui permettra aux visiteurs d’apprécier l’étendue du talent des designers de la métropole, et qui sait, de rapporter à la maison un objet original qu’on ne trouve qu’ici.
    From May 27 to 29, the Ville de Montréal’s Bureau du design is once again bringing its CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL boutique to the C2MTL event.

    Montreal, April 23, 2014The pop-up store, which promotes Montréal’s creative talents, will feature 41 designers in attendance, including some 20 newcomers, presenting more than 150 products in all. More lively and inspiring than ever, the CODE SOUVENIR MONTRÉAL retail location is a dynamic showcase that offers visitors the chance to appreciate the full scope of Montréal designers’ talents—and, perhaps, take home a one-of-a-kind item that can only be found here.
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    Columbia university, GSAPP, Yongwon Kwon, flexibility, kinetic energy, transforming, machine, pool, swimming pool, thesis, core studio

    Transforming Swimming Pool is a core studio project by Yongwon Kwon, done at GSAPP.  The project is primarily to hypothesis what a swimming pool is or can be, and if so what does this transformation mean to the urban city. The project is a prototype for this type of concept and the site chosen to implement this urban intervention is Harlem, New York. In specific the project dealt with the East-Harlem community and the low-renting locals who have limited access to these so called “public spaces”, and how students from Columbia can also participate, share, and interact with this common space.

    The project is planned to function for both University students and Harlem residents. In order to compromise the different users, the building is to be optimized to the needs and desires of both parties. But, between these different occupants lies a gap in terms of racial and social status. Especially in relation to history, the public swimming pool has been a central issue relating segregation and discrimination; due to the fact that they are sharing water and using a space to undress.  Unfortunately society lacks progress, and this issue is still valid in today’s developed cities.

    How can the architect meet such a broad-spectrum of needs for the diverse user(s) within a limiting program and space? Throughout the history of modern architecture, architects suggested a grid system, which helped maximize the program space and function. This project purposes Architectural Animal, which...

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    Social networking just got amazing with a new mobile app: Tower. Tower helps you form communities where you live, work, and play. Visit today to get more information on this amazing app or to become a beta tester.

    Tower App

    Tower App


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    Cloudy with a chance of Galician beef on the bone: A horse grazes at the foot of Mt. Anboto in Atxondo, Spain.
    Un cheval qui ne crin rien broute près au pied de l’Anboto à Atxondo, en Espagne.

    Photo by / par John Cullen

    See more from our April 2014 issue.
    Découvrez le reste de notre numéro d’avril 2014.

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    Milan 2014: these lamp shades by Eindhoven design graduates Sander Wassink and Ma'ayan Pesach are made from vintage and discarded glass stuck together...

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    Architects: AUAU
    Location: , Aichi, Japan
    Architect In Charge: Akitoshi Ukai
    Area: 228 sqm
    Year: 2012
    Photographs: Masaya Yoshimura

    Interior Design: Akitoshi Ukai
    Landscape Design: Akitoshi Ukai
    Structural Engineer: Masaichi Taguchi
    Constructional Engineer: Watanabe Construction Company
    Supervision: Akitoshi Ukai

    From the architect.

    Workers select their own place for working at a crossing point between concave and con-vexed channels on the ceiling and floor affected each other.

    The arrangement of furnitures, accumulated information and conversation activate this point as a working space. This office has comprehensive working space including not only interiors but an outdoor environment rather than indoor rooms.

    The following design elements are important at making the worker’s mind comfortable....

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