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    © Luxigon

    Interior del centro comercial en planta baja. Imágen © Luxigon

    El Sector 66 de Gurgaon, India será la sede del proyecto más reciente de Maison Edouard François ‘: un complejo de lujo masivo coronado por tres rascacielos de acero con revestimiento de acero inoxidable. Entregado por entero a la opulencia, el sector Guragon 66 albergará un hotel, un complejo de cines y un complejo de apartamentos. Sin embargo, su característica más destacable es su centro comercial, que cubre...

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    Madison House is a curving, one story, single-family residence by New York-based architecture firm Thomas Phifer and Partners.  Located in a wooded area that was formerly a garden for two residences, the home resembles a garden wall.  Built from an assortment of reclaimed bricks, the free-flowing plan represents the clients' simple and uncluttered life.  Four wings with cedar floors and white walls emerge naturally from the sinuous form.  Frameless windows are set forward of the brickwork and finished in mirrored glass that opens the interior to views the surrounding garden, while still maintaining privacy.  Circular skylights are organized informally throughout the home to bring natural light to very particular areas.

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    Architects: Dietmar Feichtinger Architects
    Location: 29 Avenue Robert Schuman, Marseille, France
    Project Leader: José Luis Fuentes, Peter Mitterer
    Planning Team: Ralitsa Kafova, Sabine Kopp, Zuzana Janouskova , Katja Pargger, Stephan Schwarz, Arne Speiser
    Area: 9,160 sqm
    Year: 2013
    Photographs: Sergio Grazia

    Competition Team: José Luis Fuentes, Zuzana Janouskova, Barbara Feichtinger-Felber, Ghislain Richoux, Jutta Eckel, Lukas Brus, Ralitsa Kafova
    Site Supervision: José Luis Fuentes, Peter Mitterer, Eric Dussol (Assistance pour le DET)
    Site Area: 50,336 sqm

    From the architect. A major gesture is not always needed. In further developing a campus that dates originally from the 1960s Dietmar Feichtinger shows that added value can be better achieved through restraint, carefully positioned cubes,...

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    Les presentamos el nuevo número de la Revista Materia Arquitectura, editada por la Escuela de Arquitectura de la Universidad San Sebastián. A través de entrevistas, artículos, e información gráfica, esta revista constituye una plataforma de difusión del conocimiento y la reflexión en torno a la arquitectura, siempre desde una visión crítica. Los dejamos con la reseña.

    Este número de Materia Arquitectura gira en torno a la noción de “proyecto”. Daniel Opazo, su editor invitado,...

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    the book is filled with fuzzy-shaped images and vibrant blobs that are still recognizable as various wild and domesticated animals.

    The post some logic by rop van mierlo depicts amorphous animal paintings appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

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    The first artist in history to receive the award.

    Richard Serra Receives the President's Medal from the Architectural League of New York

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    late last year boa mistura began work on a landscape intervention that reinforces the concept of 'identity' in the neighborhood.

    The post boa mistura rejuvinate mexican neighborhood with otomi art appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

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    Swiss artist Zimoun has put thousands of packing peanuts (or, "chips," as he refers to them) to work in a mesmerizing installation that's sure to put you in a trance. His newest installation, "36 Ventilators, 4.7m3 Packing Chips," lives inside of the Museo d'Arte di Lugano in Switzerland and depends on 36 fans (which are, of course, continuously blowing) to keep the cycle going.


    Even though you may not have the time (or funds) to make it over to Switzerland to see this one for yourself, an excerpt from the exhibition's catalog does a pretty good job of putting you in the moment:

    Even though the swirling of the polystyrene in the depth of each of the windows is actually limited to that space, we have the impression that the movement is propagating to the whole length of the Limonaia. To the visual effect adds the ticking of chips on the window panes, which could remind a thin but insistent rain. If, instead, we cross the threshold and get inside the space, the perception produced by the ebb and flow of the chips changes radically becoming more abstract; the movement appears mechanical rather than natural, the buzzing of the ventilators covers up the ticking of the polystyrene on the windows and thus reveals the artificial origin of the motion.

    Check out this video of the installation at work:

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    Abu Dhabi's New Park Will Hide a 30-Acre Oasis Below the Desert

    The United Arab Emirates has been overrun with a surge of costly and extravagant developments over the past decade including the Palm Islands and Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Now, a 125,000 square-meter park in Abu Dhabi will join them—but this isn't your average mega-development.


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