1. From Desiretoinspire

    Posted on April 23rd 2014, 02:07 PM

    There is a part of me deep down that will always love mid-century homes decorated top to bottom in retro furnishings. Brazilian architect/designer Guilherme Torres has been featured here several times (my last post here) and often creates vibrant, modern, industrial spaces filled with colourful elements. This time he has the colourful elements in al their glory, but this time the architecture has a more mid-century vibe. Super funky. 

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    Posted on April 23rd 2014, 02:02 PM

  3. From Dezeen

    Posted on April 23rd 2014, 02:00 PM

    Konstantin Grcic adds armchair to Pro seating collection for Flototto

    Milan 2014: industrial designer Konstantin Grcic has added an armchair to his family of Pro chairs, which has just been announced as one of the category...

  4. From Plataformaarquitectura

    Posted on April 23rd 2014, 02:00 PM

    © Toshiyuki Yano

    Arquitectos: Tomohiro Hata
    Ubicación: Nagoya, Aichi, Japón
    Equipo De Diseño: Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates
    Área: 106.0 m2
    Año: 2011
    Fotografías: Toshiyuki Yano

    Constructor: Hatano construction company
    Sub Contratista: Non

    © Toshiyuki Yano

    Descripción de los arquitectos. Desarrollamos una hilera de pequeñas habitaciones para responder a la demanda de un cliente que quería muchas habitaciones pequeñas.

    Después, examinamos cada ancho en función de las escaleras adecuadas...

  5. From Yatzer

    Posted on April 23rd 2014, 01:54 PM


    The time for our annual 'BEST OF MILAN DESIGN WEEK' selection has come, so take a deep breath and start scrolling down this page in order to discover all the projects, products, artworks and exhibitions that caught Yatzer's eye between the 8 and 13 of April 2014....

  6. From Archinect

    Posted on April 23rd 2014, 01:50 PM

    Heads up to all you job seekers and active employers. Here's our weekly batch of employers for Archinect's Employer of the Day. If you've been following the feature on Archinect's Facebook page, Employer of the Day is where we highlight active employers and showcase a gallery of their work.

    In case you missed them, check out the latest EOTD features.

    1. 590BC (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Junior Architectural Designer

    2. Brooklyn Digital Foundry (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Visualization Specialist

    3. Standard (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Intermediate Architect

    4. 5468796 architecture (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Architect

    5. Caron Architecture (Facebook feature)
    Currently hiring: Multiple listings

    To follow Employer of the Day, like Archinect's Facebook page.

  7. From Emmas

    Posted on April 23rd 2014, 01:42 PM

    Loving this rough and unfinished look in the kitchen of Niels Strøyer Christophersen, the founder of Frama CPH.
    Photography: Heidi Lerkenfeldt
  8. From Archinect

    Posted on April 23rd 2014, 01:29 PM

    In a city where real estate values are as dizzying as the skyscrapers, the angst over Manhattan’s changing profile and streetscape is becoming louder. The most recent outcry came over the demolition of a five-story building on West 57th Street, former home of Rizzoli Bookstore. [...]"There won't be anything left to love if we don't stop this kind of development," State Senator Liz Krueger said during a rally protesting the Rizzoli building's pending demolition.

  9. From Complex

    Posted on April 23rd 2014, 01:28 PM

    The filmmakers travelled to India to film acrobats and magicians in a doomed community.

    Interview: Jim Goldblum and Adam Weber Discuss Their Movie "Tomorrow We Disappear" for the Tribeca Film Festival

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