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    Posted on April 24th 2014, 10:25 PM

    the structure is shaped like a series of sound waves with a bright LED lighting system integrated into the exterior that responds to downloaded music data via the company website.

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    Posted on April 24th 2014, 10:17 PM

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    Throughout 2014, three major institutions – the AIA New York Chapter | Center for Architecture, the Museum of the City of New York, and the Spitzer School of Architecture at City College – will be hosting exhibitions and programs that will celebrate Catalan architecture in New York City. These events serve as the foundation for “Barcelona-New York City Urban Bridge 2014: A Year of Catalan Architecture in New York.”

    Defined by their grids and their waterfronts, Barcelona and New York are also distinguished by the passionate devotion of their dwellers to the life of the city. Visit the calendar of events to learn more about the connections between these two great cultural capitals.

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    How do you decorate or renovate your fireplace? An easy and elegant idea is to whitewash it, and it’s suitable for any type of hearth and any materials it’s made of. A whitewashed stone fireplace looks rustic but very elegant, a whitewashed concrete fireplace brings style to the space. The decorative hearths and fireplaces are often whitewashed as it’s a nice way to make it look stylish and elegant, with touches of shabby chic. A whitewashed fireplace is a cool idea for almost any space, from rustic and traditional to shabby chic and girlish one. Dip into the gallery below to get some inspiration!

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    Posted on April 24th 2014, 09:00 PM

    © MOVED2CARE – Professional Winning Entry

    En respuesta a la demanda de servicios de salud en zonas rurales del Sudeste Asiatico, Building International Trust lanzó un concurso internacional – “Moved to care” -con el fin de proveer centros de salud flexibles y relocalizables. Más de 200 Arquitectos participaron; resultando ganador en la categoría profesional, un equipo multidisciplinario de los EE.UU. y un estudiante de la Universidad de Wisconsin.

    Revisa sus propuestas, después del...

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    amphibianArc has been announced as winner of the Ningbo Southern CBD Portal Planning competition. Commissioned by the same developers of the Ningbo Museum designed by Wang Shu, the ”transit-oriented” proposal aims to become the “driving force” of urban life in the ’s fourth and final phase.

    The proposal’s compositional emphasis is a twin-towering “portal” that overlooks a new urban center and integrates itself into a regional transportation hub. The masterplan’s connection to modern trade routes pays homage to the area’s Chinese cultural heritage, recalling when Yinzhou was an ancient waypoint of the Maritime Silk Road.

    The development’s buildings are divided into two categories: main and background buildings. The “main” buildings will include...

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    Posted on April 24th 2014, 08:15 PM

    the 'kekkai' or barrier structure is based on japanese shinto culture and consists of a knot, circle and columns to vaguely define the private territory, without completely shutting it off.

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    Posted on April 24th 2014, 08:00 PM

    Architects: Tabuenca Saralegui
    Location: , Navarre, Spain
    Project Architects: Luis Tabuenca, Fermín Saralegui, Mikel Chalezquer
    Project Year: 2013
    Photographs: Imagina2 Visualization Studio

    Site Manager: Alex Morte
    Site Supervisor: Salvador Mendiri
    Collaborators: Jesús Urdánoz, Maddi Amatriain, Paula Ibáñez, Marta Arrieta, Charo Monje
    Structures: Luis Saldaña
    Building Facilities: Naven Ingenieros
    Construction: Construcciones Abaigar
    Client: Ute Abaigar Ls

    From the architect. The project comprises three buildings acting as a unit within a complete block of the New Extension of Pamplona, located south of the city and known as Lezkairu Plan. This circumstance enables a joint and uniform design for the entire unit, and the detailed design of the space for private use provided inside....

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    Glass house x Fog machine

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    Check out the epic trailer for sci-fi live-action film.

    Takashi Murakami's Live-Action Film "Jellyfish Eyes" Comes to the United States

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    Posted on April 24th 2014, 07:21 PM

    The Architectural League of New York has announced the six winning young architects and designers of the 2014 "Overlay" Architectural League Prize. As one of North America's most prestigious awards for young practitioners, since 1981 the Prize recognizes provocative and exemplary work and provides a public outlet for the exchange of their ideas.

    After The Architectural League and the Young Architects + Designers Committee hosted the portfolio competition, whose theme this year was "Overlay", six winners were invited to publicly present and showcase their work:

    Kutan Ayata and Michael Young, Young & Ayata

    Brooklyn Claus Benjamin Freyinger and Andrew Holder, The LADG, Los Angeles

    Adam Fure, SIFT Studio, Ann Arbor

    Thomas Kelley and Carrie Norman, Norman Kelley, Brooklyn and Chicago

    Jenny E. Sabin, Jenny Sabin Studio, Philadelphia

    Geoffrey von Oeyen, Geoffrey von Oeyen Design, Los Angeles

    Find out more on Bustler.

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    WantedDesign 2014stats

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