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    Photography accessory company Photojojo might consist of "a small and passionate team" of designers (who are hiring, by the way), but despite their dimunitive size, the SF-based outfit distributes a staggering array of product. And what they've got in the pipeline is bound to draw some attention: "We're working on some stuff to make drone photography easier for anyone to get into," the company writes. Specifically, they may be helping to usher in a new category of photography: The drone selfie.

    What's a drone selfie? Well jeez, whaddaya think it is?

    That one was shot by Amit Gupta, the SF-based entrepreneur who runs Photojojo. No word yet on what the physical products they'll be releasing are.

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    Eco architecture, eco-language, urban trash, assemblage, arcadia, slavoj zizek, ecologicstudio, meta-follies, metropolitan landscape, installation, responsive, fibrous structure

    “Meta-Follies for the Metropolitan Landscape” by ecoLogicStudio is a spatial mechanism which aims at establishing a playful dialogue with the user enabling the development of clouds of knowledge, a form of meta-language based on material experience, patterns recognition, sedimentation of feelings as well as a real-time meta-conversation.

    This smart and responsive installation, a fibrous structure, has been conceived algorithmically and will keep evolving algorithmically once it will be handled over to its end users and it will commence its exhibition tour following unknown itineraries across different regions, cultures, languages and environmental contexts; it cannot be predicted how would these contexts read and respond to the project nor the pavilion can be designed to respond to a specific context in a traditional sense. However the machine nature of this proposal allows a dynamic form of contextual relationship with the surrounding urban environment, one that works through intuitive aesthetic appreciation as well as behavioral response.

    Referring to Slavoj Zizek’s call for the development of a “new terrifying form of abstract materialism” the pavilion confronts the artificiality of the contemporary urban landscape with the production of a new form of hyper-artificiality able to offer refuge and consolation to the crowd of post-ecologists. Such emerging group of urban dwellers have stopped searching for a new Arcadia and are determined to develop a new ‘shanty’...

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    © Koichi Torimura

    Arquitectos: Makoto Yamaguchi Design
    Ubicación: Karuizawa, Distrito de Kitasaku, Nagano, Japón
    Área: 68.0 m2
    Año: 2003
    Fotografías: Koichi Torimura

    Ingeniería Estructural: Space and Structure Engineering Workshop

    © Koichi Torimura

    Descripción de los arquitectos. Karuizawa es una ciudad bijou, ocupada mayormente por viviendas de fin de semana, con visitantes provenientes desde Tokio. La casa se alza sobre una empinada ladera orientada al sur, en el bosque, y tiene vistas...

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    Rolf Ockert Design | North Av HouseThe site is located in a heritage conservation area that is fiercly protected by Leichhardt council. Being in one of the few streets in the Inner West Sydney that are still largely original in their streetscape, any alteration or addition was bound to be somewhere between controversial and impossible.

    Rolf Ockert Design | North Av House

    Being only about 100m2 in size, the existing free-standing house was far too small for its intended use as a home for a young family with children. The only way to accommodate the intended brief...

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    White ceramic tiles create a brickwork pattern across the walls and roof of this Paris boutique designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates for Chinese lifestyle...

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    Gonçalo Campos has expanded his Wallmonds line to now include the Wallmonds Shelves, a shelving system built into a wooden frame. Within that frame are shelves that fold down for when you need a place to keep something. Keep it by the front door to hold your keys, wallet, or cell phone, or you could use it decoratively to store knick-knacks.

    The design is like a framed picture you’d hang on a wall, except with this, whatever you place on the shelves can act as the art.

    When you don’t need it, flip the shelves back up to lay flat against the frame and out of the way.

    Wallmonds Shelves is made out of birch plywood and beech wood, and treated with natural oils.

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    The following pieces, revealed during Milan Design Week 2014, were honored as winners in the  SaloneSatellite awards program:

    1st PRIZE
    Volta lamp
    Manufactured in Italy, this directional LED lamp is expressed in concrete through simple, intuitive, and functional design.

    2nd PRIZE
    Designed by Arturo Erbsman in France, the atmospheric lamp brings three vital elements together with functional and emotional references.

    3rd PRIZE
    The non-slip ladder from Avandi incorporates simple, innovative elements, designed specially for use in confined spaces.

    The Chamotte food and drink set by Ruxi Sacalis was recognized for exploring the reclamation and use of a natural material.

    Protrude clip tray by YOY of Japan was recognized for the practicality of a solution for everyday use.


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    Celebrating its 30th anniversary at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italian brand Casamania presented twelve new products including tables, chairs, armchairs, a bookcase, sofas and lighting.

    LA-DINA_Luca Nichetto_CASAMANIA_2014_7

    Every item in Casamania’s 2014 Collection expresses each designer’s style and represents Casamania’s design philosophy.

    Shown above, La Dina is a solid ash wood chair designed by Luca Nichetto. Conceived as contemporary reinterpretation of a classic Tyrolean chair, La Dina has a sturdy construction with smooth, rounded lines and comes in natural ash,white, pink, black, grey, green and fluo red color ways.

    COLOR FALL_Garth Roberts_CASAMANIA_2014_1

    Designed by Garth Roberts, Color Fall is an ash veneer wall shelf and bookcase that feature a stripy, multicolor digital print. The series is composed of a framed wall and a full standing floor unit.

    LUMEN_Luca Papini_CASAMANIA_2014

    The decorative surfaces of Luca Papini’s Lumen coffee tables are embedded with aluminates that make them glow in the dark. The aluminates retain the sunlight or artificial light that shines on them and then, when in darkness, emit a gentle glow.

    DOT_Lera Moiseeva_CASAMANIA_2014_1

    The  simple linear shape of the Dot table by Lera Moiseeva is realized in solid ash. Easily moved around by it’s large wheel, the Dot table can be used anywhere from the office to the bedroom.

    Legato is a cabinet system designed by Swedish design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune. The series of wood cabinets, inspired by artist Ellsworth Kelly’s works, is distinguished by its bold squircle-shaped doors. When arranged into...

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    Serious seamstresses must usually invest in both a large machine for home use and a portable “handy-stitch” style one for everywhere else. Why not combine both? The Bermina sewing machine is both stationary and portable thanks to its clever docking system. Set it in the dock to use it the conventional way while it charges, or take it out of the dock for freehand stitching on-the-go!

    Designer: Laura Lang

    Yanko Design
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    (Hybrid Sewing Machine was originally posted on Yanko Design)

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    This Stickbulb collection by RUX for is something to be noted. A single, linear LED module is held by a minimal steel base, providing light without the mass usually associated with a table or floor lamp. That theme is repeated with all variations: Vertical and Horizontal Wall Sconces, various lengths of the Linear Pendant, and the Little Bang Table Lamp, just to name a few. Handmade in New York City from sustainably sourced materials, the collection is currently available from YLighting.

    2 Foot Torch Table Lamp, $350.00
    6 Foot Torch Floor Lamp, $850.00

    The wooden casing is available in sustainably sourced maple or walnut, reclaimed southern yellow pine, or reclaimed boardwalk ipe.
    Metal base is available in powder coated white, powder coated slate grey, or blackened steel.

    Design by RUX for Stickbulb, 2012.

    -Wooden bulb element can be reversed to illuminate wall or table surfaces
    -Angle of wooden bulb can be adjusted
    -Light touch dimming control with low, warm, and bright settings
    -3000K LED light source
    -Designed with few parts to be easy to maintain, recycle, and reuse

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    Milan 2014: Japanese architect Toyo Ito spoke to Dezeen about his design for textile brand Kinnasand's first Milan showroom and his decision to...

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